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My Great Tuning Experience With Z1 Cycletech


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Hello everyone,

Yesterday I had my 2011 ZX-10R tuned by Zaid at Z1 Cycletech. Both Glen and Zaid were great to deal with, and the customer service was outstanding.

I contacted them back in April to setup a time for a baseline dyno pull before I de-restricted the bike. The bike went in and ended up putting down 160whp and 72wtq with a Yosh R77D 3/4 slip-on, and a BMC street air filter. I have a Bazzaz ZFI QS on the bike, but for some reason the quick shifter wasn't working. I contacted Bazzaz about the issue, and since the shift sensor light was coming on, and the unit was working, Bazzaz wanted me to ship the whole unit to them. I didn't want to be without my bike for up to 6 weeks, so with the help of Glen at Z1 and Phil at Motovan we were able to work it out so I could get a new unit and diagnose the problem myself. After checking and replacing the shift sensor, replacing the ZFI unit, it still wasn't working. I ended up then realizing that Bazzaz had packed the wrong QS wiring harness for my bike. Easy fix and now the QS works great. Without the help of Glen I still wouldn't have my bike tuned and ready for the track.

So on to the results. In de-restricting the Gen 4 ZX-10R you have two options. You can have the ECU flashed by companies such as Guhle or ECU Unleashed, or you can do the Ivan wire mod. I went with the wire mod since I was using the Bazzaz unit and having the bike tuned. The flash removes the speed limiter, raising the the rev limiter, allows you to turn traction control off on the fly, and can remove your servo FI light, but for 450-500+ dollars it wasn't worth it too me. Ivans wire mod also prevents any backfiring or popping on decel.

The bike ended up making 173whp and 75wtq after the wire mod and tune. No added parts. The difference at 13000 was over 24whp. It's a whole new bike now and I love it :)

Here is the before (blue) and after (red) dyno graph. You can really see the difference in top end now that the secondaries don't close to 66%



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I heard alot of good things about Z1 in regards with Tuning and mechanical stuff from my friends.

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