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Motorcycle art (fortnine)


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These guys never fail to impress



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I still love the FortNine channel, but I feel like they're starting to believe their own hype a bit...

My biggest beef is that Fortnine presents a lot of opinion as fact and don't quite have the grasp of physics they think they do. Their one about tire grip was dead wrong on a bunch of basic physics stuff, for example. See here:

You can show me all the angles and bone lines you want, but none of them will make me like the Scout any more than most semi-anonymous nakeds. The Harley XR1200 may not tick as many design boxes, but it's way cooler to me because it's not trying quite so hard. And I think the OG Katana looks great, but much better with a rider on board. He also entirely fails to talk about cultural differences, such as Japanese design aesthetics being much more concerned with individual details than the overall whole.

In other words, while there are elements of design that are teachable, in the end it's subjective, and that's why reviews don't get into it in the same way.

Also, I think wheelies are way cooler than burnouts...


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wheelies save lives

bone line:ROFLMAO:


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I love his Indian. Great multi-purpose bike with big power. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder though. I love my FXSTC, the King of factory customs. When you think about it, there are so many fantastic looking bikes throughout history. One of my all-time favorites is the Matchless G80 - the bike they used in The Wild One when they rode into the bar.


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