Moto comms: to mesh or not to mesh? |

Moto comms: to mesh or not to mesh?


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Morning everyone! Heading out to the tent sale today in the hopes of finding some deals! One of the things i am interested in is in a bluetooth set. I understand the newer tech is DMC (mesh) which allows many more riders to interconnect vs bluetooth only.

One of the devices i was looking at is the Freecom 1 or Freecom 2+. Does anyone have experience with these? I know the FC1 is rider to passenger only but then the FC2+ is rider to rider up to 2. Realistically, i don't think i need a mesh-capable device because i don't plan on doing rides in large groups, and, the price tag is quite steep for mesh vs a device like the Freecom. At most, i would be riding with my father in law who rides a GW. He currently uses J&M BT-04. Are most comms devices able to interconnect with each other if they are different brands? How does it work? I know the Freecoms have voice detection, but in order to intercom to another rider, is there a push of a button needed? Obviously i'm not looking to get my hands off the bars while in motion!



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There really isn't a point of getting the new BT systems with the mesh unless you are riding with large groups/care to get the latest technology.
My friends and I all use the Sena 10S units and have never had a single issue. This will be my 3rd season with it.
See if you can find a deal on the 10S unit....I prefer Sena over Scala (just preference). The 10S can universally pair with all brands of units also. If you use a google phone or iPhone all you need to do is push the "phone" button on the sena and everything is voice activated, just like it would be for you saying "ok google, or hi Siri". You can say play music, navigate to _____, call _____, whats the weather like etc. It will act just like your phone would.
Just make sure you go online and download the latest firmware update if you do end up getting it.

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