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Marriage and Insurance Rates


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It would likely depend upon the size of the claim, under $20,000 they aren't likely to give it much consideration... a few hundred thousands... or millions... you can bet they will look for ANY loophole to deny coverage.

They have been trying to figure out a way to deny my coverage, at every turn, so far claim is about $36,000.

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my wife holds an M license resulting in a slight increase to all my motorcycle insurance costs,
even though she can't ride those bikes. ymmv.

... well actually if I ride pillion on the BMW and put my feet down when we stop, she could maybe ride that one :|
Strangely that happened to me too (she got to M2). My ins co suggested I make her primary on the cheapest bike -- that's cheaper than having her impact all the rides.

My wife gave up riding, I had to get a waiver staying she won't pilot my bikes.

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