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M2 exit now full M


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Just completed my M2 exit road test with the Ministry, passed, now I have my full M

Booked it in Peterborough, didn't want to deal with the lineups, waiting, and hassels in Toronto. Plus it was a great day for a ride outta the city. The exam was pretty casual. No real surprises except not being able to hear the instructions too well. The instructor gave me a brief overview of what to expect, and when, before we started, just in case I didn't get all the details on the road, which was helpful. There was one point I couldn't hear anything and I was suppose to do some lane changes but we ended up doing a right onto another street and wrapping up shortly after that. Meh.. all in all it was done and over with pretty quickly. I ended up with 8 errors and a pass.

Glad I am done with that. Onto more riding!


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I did my test in Newmarket ... much less crowd than anywhere in GTA. Anyway, congrats on your M licence.


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Grats, if you aren't doing it in Toronto you aren't living!

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