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Looking for dent guy in Mississauga-Hamilton area.


Hey guys,

I'm looking for a good dent specialist in the Mississauga/Hamilton area. I dropped my bike the other day riding in a rally and now I have a nice big dent in the gas tank and a bit of welding that needs to be done on the floor board assembly.

FYI re insurance claim. I'm currently paying $1100 with Intact insurance. My broker checked how much my premiums would go up if I put in a claim and he came back with $3000 in the first year with the premiums dropping back to $1100 over the next 4 years.

Damn crooks.


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It might be worth looking for a used tank/floor boards. It may be cheaper than repairing yours (or not, but worth a look).


I did. The tanks on ebay or kijiji are all with dents and a new one is over $600 USD. Floor board price is better at +$100 but the one I have could be fixed at a fraction by a welder.

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