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Looking for a spot in Durham


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Hey all,

I'm looking for a spot to practice my really crap wheelies and turn them into hopefully just crap wheelies. I'm looking for a spot east Scarb/Pickering/Ajax. Feel free to PM if you don't want to post the spot on the general forum.

I like the signature. How crap are your wheelies? Dirt bikes are cheap and resilient. If you are early in the learning curve, the dirt bike may cost less than the messed up street bike parts.


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I'm on a DRZ SM, Ive only ever done power wheelies clutching up is new terriority for me, I need time/space to find the balance point before I'll be comfortable clutching up. Slow clap for Robbo
Sand pit. less breakage.
It takes way less space to clutch up.
from a dead stop if you are really good. Yes, you are learning that a motorcycle has a front to rear balance point (y)
from what you say you lack clutch/throttle control 🦗
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... do you realize what is going to happen when you set the front wheel back down and it's not spinning as fast as the ground is going?
or have you experienced that already 🤕
or is this a wheelie to ride over something?

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