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LOL @ Insurance Claimants Being Punished


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Yes, that is a very likely scenario. What many take issue with is Pegassus posts OUTLANDISH "stories" Such as his "friend" who despite being uninjured, decided to "teach the insurer" and was off work for 2 years and got a HUGE settlement. All of this occurred without a single, (according to Peggy), his friend needing NO medical records, nor even being sent for a medical exam, by the insurer's specialist. Nor as much as a peep from the adjuster, they simply paid out and paid out and paid out. His friend didn't even "need a lawyer", the insurer was simply throwing money at this "friend". NEVER does that happen

As someone who was severely injured 3 years ago, I can atest, it simply does NOT work that way, the insurer sends you to countless "experts" to attempt to deny ANYTHING over the $3500 MIG, (Minor Injury Guideline). The onus is definitely upon the injured party to prove, (beyond reason at times), to get a bare minimum payout

As most have said there is NO doubt the licence was suspended. It is the rest of the incorrect and mislead, crap he posted


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Doctors are legally bound to inform the MTO if they believe a patient could be a danger to themselves or others while driving. I used to work for a neurologist who had been spat at and kicked/punched by patients because of this. Serious epilepsy is a prime case especially if the seizures are random and not brought on by a specific event.


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@peg, if your friend can't turn his neck, then he is unsafe to drive. Dr was right to report that.


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