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Leather Pants Alteration


gringo diablo
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would guess it depends on how fond you are of the pants?
a garment that I really liked I guess yeah, would pay to alter for sure

although going down in size has unfortunately for me
never been an issue


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John Bickle is the man to talk to.Bickle Racing Altering waist size is usually more expensive than the pants are worth.They have to be completely taken apart to rebuild.Especially if there is a 360 zipper.

I have a pair of AStar bat pants size 32 that no longer fit? (they shrank!)

Mad Mike

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I do leather work and have the equipment but riding gear it's not my specialty (I do fur and really heavyweight workwear). Down sizing garments is really easy, any tailoring shop can grade down. Reducing the waist and tucking the legs a bit should cost you less than $50 -- it's only 20 minutes for an experienced leather shop. If you're reworking length, that's gonna cost you more -- a lot more.

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