July 17 bathurst and Graham rip. | GTAMotorcycle.com

July 17 bathurst and Graham rip.

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It's turning out to be a really bad riding season.

RIP Rider. Condolences to family and friends.


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Wow, thank you for the post for Troy. Im Troys best friend/girlfriend. Troy loved his motorcycle. He was always a careful, courteous driver. Irritated by bad, distracted drivers. He was gearing up to go up a hill. A 23 year old male in a truck didn't feel like waiting in traffic and decided to pull a U-turn. He didn't look and he pulled out in front of Troy. Ending his life. I later found out the guys side mirror went right through Troys chest. I have spent everyday since in deep grief and mourning alongside his mom, dad, brother and best friends. Troy was a simple happy guy. He loved his family, video games, motorcycle, and chocolate. He was always happy or laughing. He will always be my best friend. Time stands still for me, i feell like im stuck in that day on repeat, waiting for his call, he always called me halfway through his ride. Im still waiting, my love💖.
Please for the love of God becareful out there this year! Wait till you're away from traffic to speed up on you beloved toys. God bless.
Forever and always,
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@Troyschickapeach my condolences to you and his family
And thank you for your post

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