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New riders (or new wrenchers) may be interested in checking this out:
Lots of How-Tos there, both in .pdf and video format.

To better help you out, see if you can find your service manual here:

Don't hesitate to ask, but before you do, be sure to try here first:

YouTube is also a great source, lots of people post their own maintenance videos. For example, searching "Ninja 250R oil change" will give you this.

Please add your own help and info links :)


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Step by Step guide from getting your licence to buying your bike -
Working on my own "How to buy your first motorcycle guide", an expanded version of the above, off-site for better keywording, hopefully easier for non members to find via Google.

How to buy your first motorcycle / Index page
> Getting motorcycle insurance
> Get your motorcycle license (M1)
> Do the practice M1 motorcycle test online
> Everything you need to know about getting your M2
> Buying your first motorcycle: New or Used and how not to get ripped off
> Motorcycle Gear: Should I buy new or used?

Been around GTAM way too long, and hear the same questions asked a lot, so I try to include everything.

For example the M2 page looks at taking the course vs. doing the ministry test, tips on saving money, an more detailed overview of the nearest riding schools and a recommendation.

Thanks Viffer and Banger for letting me use some of their work :) Lots more to come, all input and help is welcome!
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Hi Adri,

Can't believe that nobody has responded and thanked you (as well as El Zilcho and getfunky) for this thread yet.


But, there goes my productivity for the day!

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