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How to Add pictures to your Ad!


I hope This can help out abit, so people can figure out how to add the much needed pictures on this site, in the For sale section.

Note: Maybe a Mod can sticky it.

A Few Easy Steps.

I'll write it in a basic format.

1. Of course write your add. at the end of your add put your pictures

2. make sure the pictures are on your desktop/laptop of course

3. Go to one of these sites, they all work the same .

These are the ones i use, its very simple and free. My Fav is tinypic.

(Step one) Go to the site, Browse your PC for the pic then upload it !

(Step Two) Copy the link that looks like this ! [/COLOR][/B] etc etc

It clearly says for forums & Message Boards. [I][SIZE=1]You can't miss it[/SIZE][/I]

[COLOR=DarkRed][B](Step Three)[/B][/COLOR] Paste it in your Ad.

You can add as many as you want, just make sure they are under one another.

and you're done!

Click submit thread and you're good to go. Good luck with the Sale!

[SIZE=5][COLOR=DarkRed][B]If You post pictures in your ad you have a better chance of selling you're Bike!!!

[SIZE=4][COLOR=Red]It's frustrating when you see a good deal but see no picture!! .. 50% less chance of selling it ! ([COLOR=Blue]Don't be lazy[/COLOR]) [SIZE=2][I][COLOR=Black]you want to sell dont you?[/COLOR][/I][/SIZE][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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