How long does each license last? (M1, M2, M) |

How long does each license last? (M1, M2, M)


I just got interested in riding because it seems much cheaper than driving a car and it seems like a lot more fun. I already have my G2 but I probably won't drive. Just ride when there's no snow and bus the rest of the season.

Anywho, I was wondering how long each license lasts before it expires. It is like the G1 and G2 license where it lasts 4 years or so? Because I want to get my M1 asap, but if it only lasts 90 days then... I may as well wait to fit my schedule.



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Minimum 60 days, Maximum 90 days

[h=2]Graduated Licensing for Motorcycle Riders[/h] If you're a new driver applying for your first licence to ride a motorcycle, you'll need to enter Ontario's graduated licensing system. That means you'll earn full driving privileges in two stages.
[h=3]Class M1[/h] After you pass a motorcycle knowledge test, you will get a Class M1 licence and an information package for new riders.
New motorcycle riders with an M1 licence learn to ride under these four conditions:

  • your blood alcohol level must be zero;
  • you must ride only during daylight hours (1/2 hour before sunrise to 1/2 hour after sunset);
  • you must not ride on highways with speed limits of more than 80 km/h except highways 11, 17, 61, 69, 71, 101, 102, 144, 655;
  • you cannot carry passengers.
Motorcycle riders with an M1 licence who successfully complete an approved motorcycle safety course that includes a road test with an M1 licence are exempt from taking the ministry's M1 road test and can move to an M2 licence after 60 days. If you complete an approved safety course in either level, you can reduce the time that you must hold an M2 licence from 22 to 18 months. While the motorcycle safety course certificate is valid for two years from its issue date, it may only be used for the M1 road test exemption within six months of its issue date.
See also: Motorcycle Safety Course Providers
With a Class M1 licence, an operator can drive a moped, limited-speed motorcycle and a motorcycle.
[HR][/HR] [h=3]Class M2[/h] You must pass an M1 road test or complete an approved motorcycle safety course before receiving a Class M2 licence. You must have a Class M2 licence for a minimum of 22 months. If you complete an approved motorcycle safety course, you may reduce this time requirement by four months. With an M2 licence, you gain more privileges - you may ride at night and on any road. However, at this level:

  • your blood alcohol level must be zero;
  • you will be eligible to take a Class M road test after you have completed the time required with an M2 licence;
  • you must pass this test to get a Class M licence.
Note: Class M2 and Class M licence holders may also drive Class G vehicles under the conditions that apply to a Class G1 licence holder.
With a Class M2 licence, the operator can drive a moped, limited-speed motorcycle and a motorcycle.
Graduated Licensing applies to drivers of limited-speed motorcycles and mopeds
A restricted class M licence can be obtained by drivers who operate a limited-speed motorcycle or moped. A limited-speed motorcycle is a motorcycle that has a maximum speed of 70 km/h. Applicants for the restricted class M licence are required to take both M1 and M2 road tests.
Like standard motorcycle drivers, new drivers applying for their limited-speed motorcycle or moped licence will enter Ontario's graduated licensing system. You must be at least 16 years of age and pass a vision test and a test of your knowledge of the rules of the road and traffic signs. After you pass these tests, you will enter Level One and get an M1 licence. You must pass two road tests to become fully licensed on a limited-speed motorcycle or moped. Passing the first road test lets you move to Level Two (class M2 with L condition). Passing the second road test gives you restricted class M driving privileges. With this licence, you can drive mopeds and limited-speed motorcycles only; you will not be able to operate a full-powered motorcycle.
The ministry has approved motor scooter training courses. These courses are offered by motorcycle safety associations/colleges and these courses include road testing. Motorcycle safety associations/colleges may also offer motor scooter training courses without road testing. You may contact them directly to see what courses are offered.
We would encourage you to check this website for information on motor scooter training courses.

From learning curves website...

Ontario's graduated licensing system requires that a motorcyclist move in stages from an M1 to M2 then finally to the full M. M1 Learner's Permit
The M1 learner's permit is valid for up to 90 days and is acquired by passing a multiple choice test available at a DriveTest Driver Examination Centre. The questions are based on the Ministry of Transportation's Motorcycle and Driver's handbooks. The M1 test is available without appointment.

This licence permits one to ride any motorcycle, provided the rider avoids expressways and highways, rides only during daylight hours, does not carry a passenger and maintains a zero blood alcohol level while riding.

M2 License
To upgrade to an M2, a riding skills test is required. This can be done at a DriveTest Driver Examination Centre by appointment or as part of the Learning Curves course. You may complete the Learning Curves course anytime after obtaining your M1 permit, however, you must ride under the restrictions of an M1 for at least 60 days before upgrading to the M2 licence. Once you have upgraded to the M2 only the alcohol restriction remains.The M2 licence is valid for 5 years.

M Licence
Finally, the full M licence can be earned by booking an appointment at a DriveTest Driver Examination Centre for a road test, or as part of our advanced M2X course. The Learning Curves M2X course on is held in small groups using your own motorcycle on public roads. The course includes an an hour-long road test with radio instuctions given to the students as they ride. Note that you must hold your M2 licence for a minimum of 18 months before proceeding to the full M licence.
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my bike costs me just as much as my car, once you factor insurance and maintenance... and i drive a mustang lol
ok a few things. but I would like to start with this....for the m1 exit test. do i have to bring my own motorcycle?? if i'm doing the ministry's test and not a ministry approved course??


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cheaper to ride motorcycle than driving? nope! a lot of fun? yes! Unless you can ride your bike all year round, otherwise riding a motorcycle won't be any cheaper than car, first of, you will be paying full year insurance while you only ride 8 months or so, secondly, depending on which bike you get, motorcycle is not any better on fuel, lastly, you will be paying more on maintenance, generally you do oil change every 3000km or so on your bike. If you try to save some $, get a car.


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My 18 year old ninja 250 was cheaper to run for a summer than my car. I can take my car off insurance for 6 months. Oil changes are cheap for full synth. Get a sensible bike and do your own maint, and it's as cheap or cheaper than a car.

Sure if you ride a SS or a very large bike your costs rise significantly.
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My 250 was alot cheaper to run as well compared to my mustang this past summer, biggest savings was free parking downtown when I visited my gf. (free during the day, and overnight put it between her building with a cover). I found highway driving milage was similar but city was extremly better than my car.


when driving in a car with a full G licence , with an m1/m2 licence can you still have a beer with lunch or does the m1/m2 supersead the full G

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