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GSXR 750 - Power Commander PC3 Question pls


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Hi guys,
Need some help, please
Will the PC3 307410 work on a K6- GSXR 750 06? I bought it off someone and when it came I noticed that it only has 2 plugins. Online it shows that it can only work with an 01-03.

Help pls!

Brian P

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That connector, if it exists, will be very near the throttle bodies. It's the connector where all the wiring from all the sensors and actuators on the throttle body connects to the main harness of the bike. It may not necessarily be coloured black, but a connector that size is hard to miss.

If just one pin serves a different purpose on your bike from what was intended on the bike that the PowerCommander was actually meant for, it won't work. It might even make the smoke come out - be it the smoke inside that PowerCommander that makes it work, or the smoke inside your bike's ECU that makes that work. Electronic stuff all runs on magic smoke that has to stay inside. Once that smoke comes out, it don't work no more.

IF you find a connector that looks similar, examine the colours of every wire to see if they are compatible. Another route is to dig up the factory service manuals and examine the pin-out diagram of that connector on your bike, and on the other-generation bike that the PC was meant for, to see if they are compatible. This is not a small exercise ...

That PowerCommander gives a different part number between the two bikes, is fairly strong evidence that the wiring harnesses are not compatible.

P.S. PowerCommanders themselves - the actual box - are all very close to the same regardless of bike. The differences are in the wiring connectors, and in the software inside. Changing those connectors to one meant for a different bike ... is not a small exercise.

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