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GP bikes and Bell helmets


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Got a Bell mag 9 sena that I bought at the last bike show from GP not long ago I go to flip the lever for the sun comes off in my ahold of Daryl at GP....long story short...the parts were unobtainable at the time Bell sent me a NEW helmet....way to go Dayrl...👍.way to go Bell 👍 that's what I call customer service....


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You got Lucky with yours.

I got an Arai-XD4 from them, one of the inner pads tabs are weak and it doesnt stay in place, went back to them an Arai rep was there that day too. he had a look, said oh man, this needs to be checked and a new lid or part sent. GP Bikes looked at it, agreed, then gave me some emails to send. I do so, the email tell me to go back to GP bikes. I live 1.5Hrs away, call them, they say bring the helmet back, it needs to be shipped out and could take upto a month. Worst part is, the rep that looked at it that day, broke the Bluetooth intercoms mounting tab that was on, and just hid it behind the pad, noticed it later in place.

All went no where for a very pricey lid with an unsafe defect. Ill send it in end of season, the intercom tab i had to vhb on...

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