Gears! Do you need a knee brace for street riding? |

Gears! Do you need a knee brace for street riding?


Do you need a knee brace for street riding?

I got all the gears except for my legs, and I just saw these knee braces (Asterisk Cell).
Do you need this kind of protection? Or do they only work for motocross(different riding style comparing to highway riding).



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Do you have any weakness in your knees that requires it?
In my experience riding street does not generally apply the significant amount of side load on your knees that would require supports for additional bracing. ymmv.

For riding off-road you would be using your legs and knees considerably more, but it is still no worse then down-hill skiing.


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Knee brace, no. Knee armour, probably a good idea. riding pants, jeans usually have knee armour in them.
Not sure but knee brace I think extreme motorcross (dirt bikes) guys might wear them


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How about the ones with the springs in the back of the knee to make your legs extend, that would be fairly bionic
if it works.


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I tried separate knee armour on my last trip. If you're putting your foot down at stops, it has a tendency to slip and become uncomfortable.

p.s. I disagree with equating off-road with skiing. I can ski much longer.


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lol and I can off-road much longer. but the asterisk things he is looking at are more like an exoskeleton.
Do you need an exoskeleton to ride street? I sure hope not.

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I'm old, I think I a pair of these with leaf springs:
My daughter received a "Nancy Kerrigan" from a dirtbag Denison Husky player while hoisting an cup in her last year of high school flag football. She wears one of those from time to time, really helps a blown out knee.


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My knee is healing nicely (y) I think I might be able to ride it naked again.
... my knee that is.
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