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FS 1992 Kawasaki Zephyr ZR550


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Hello all,

I tried posting my motorcycle a few years back, but didn't do it with much conviction. This time I am moving out of province so the situation is a little different.
I am looking to sell my 1992 Kawasaki Zephyr ZR550 with 63,493km, as is. It was my first bike (4th or 5th owner) and tried my hand at being a shade tree mechanic but did not have the time to succeed.
Currently, the bike does not run smoothly. It is a carb balancing issue, I believe. I put a GPZ550 Kerker exhaust on it and that started the itch. Rode it and enjoyed the sound for a season. The following season I put pods on the carb. That's when things went sour. Could not balance the carbs for the life of me. That riding season did not go well. That was 2 years ago. I have turned the engine every once in a while. After some coaxing, she does start and then rough idles due to my inability to balance the carbs (I'm sure). That's the sad part of the story. I haven't tried turning it this year. Also, the rear brake caliper is seized. New-ish tires: bought 4 or 5yrs ago and I put about 2-4000km on them, I think.

The following will all come with the bike:
- Front&Rear bike stand (in the picture)
- Various parts and tools: valve clamp, manometer and refill/spare parts, exhaust gaskets, header gasket, spare brake lever with round fluid resevoir
- Stock exhaust
- Bigger pilot jets and main jets (which never made it into the bike due to slow shipping times and then lack of time on my part)
- All the spare parts that came off the bike from the previous owner, and parts taken off by me (stock intake/carb air box included)
- KR1 Front and Rear rims with custom bracket for rear brake caliper bought off and fabricated by a member of the ZephyrZone forum
- Ariete Alu-Rub grips (I really like these)

I would like to sell everything as an "all or nothing" deal. I do not really have time to sell things individually as I'm busy with preparations on moving/selling my house as well. I appreciate your understanding on this.

Link to my GDrive folder that has the pics: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bw32u4U6jIwqcllIakdHYlRIM1U

I am located in Aurora.
Cell# (647) 881-1938 Leave a text or voicemail as I'm running around cleaning/packing/reno'ing, etc so I sometimes miss calls. I don't call back unknown numbers on my phone if there's no text or voicemail attached to it. Just fyi.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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