For sell 2008 Yamaha Virago |

For sell 2008 Yamaha Virago


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Want to sell 2008 Yamaha Virago 250. Price $2000.00. 17000 kilometers on it. No test ride. No insurance, no plate. Lot of thread on tires, back tire installed last year.
Reason to sell. Upgrade to bigger bike.P_20190419_153727_vHDR_Auto_1_1.jpgP_20190419_153853_vHDR_Auto_1.jpgP_20190419_154043_vHDR_Auto_1_1.jpgP_20190419_153612_vHDR_Auto_1.jpgP_20190419_153905_vHDR_Auto_1.jpgP_20190419_154056_vHDR_Auto_1.jpg

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