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Fonda Hopper Easy Rider route

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As a kid I drove R66 from LA to to the Big Easy as was done by Fonda and Hopper in Easy Rider. Love to redo it on a bike, preferably on a 60s era Harley. I figure it will take me 2 years to get a bike ready and to plan the trip. Any interest in a historic and epic adventure?


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About 8 or 9 years ago, I took 66 on and off from Shamrock, TX to Springfield, IL. Was left disillusioned, everyone else I speak to about 66 generally feels the same.

The best part are the small towns with renovated old school gas stations and diners, super touristy though. Once you've seen one, you've seen them all, gets old very quick. The rest of it is either crappy roads that run within eyeshot of a major highway, or they renovated 66 into a modern road.


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Some sections still good, with many more sections of broken pavement abandoned and rarely used even by locals. Some sections are swallowed by the sands of the deserts and pavement is completely covered over, barely navigable except AWD, 4WD or adventure bikes, and not a house or building in sight. Lots of abandoned buildings and parking lots, a few 40's and 50's era restored non-functioning gas stations with not a soul around, and if their purpose is to attract tourism, it ain't workin'.

Some things are best remembered the way they were. This is the best video on Route 66 and was done a couple of years ago with aerial views by a drone.

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A Route 66 tour is definitely on my bucket list. Thanks for posting the vid!

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