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The column was also in "Cycle World" I believe for many years. Yes it was a street bike publication and it did not really fit with the other content but I used to buy it just for his column. Stopped buying that mag when they decided to move him to the off road publication. When I had to downsize my collection of magazines, I cut out 'Duct Tapes' and put them in a binder. I still have them and for me it is "the hot set up".

Thanks for posting the link - I have bookmarked it.

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Did you ever shoot a circlip to the moon?
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To understand the humour, you had to know a bit about motorcycles. I believe in the earlier articles these were called jesus clips and you would surreptitiously drop one on your friend's garage floor after he finished an engine rebuild. I also learned not to try and clean a gas cap vent hole with an air hose blowing 120 psi and that a bit of scotch tape over that same vent hole would be almost invisible and cause fuel starvation later down the trail when the carbs ran dry.

I used to wonder why I have no friends, now not so much.

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