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Coats 280 motorcycle balancer for sale


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Coats 280 Static Motorcycle wheel balancer for sale. Only owned this for 10 months, original owner, and have only used it twice to balance my bike's front wheel. The Balancer is in mint, MINT condition. I still have the original box for the optical gauge. This tool is not electric and uses an optical balance shaft to measue how far off the balance is. Very easy to use and transport. Will work with any wheel and wheel size. Great for the race track as well. Measures 60cm (24in) height, 50cm (20in) width. Weights 16Kg. Must sell, as I am getting out of the trade.

Asking $875 or best offer.
Serious buyers only. Low ballers WILL be ignored and erased. Don't have pics for it yet as my camera broke.

Check out for more info.
Type in this Part number to get pictures of the balancer. 08-C280 on their website.

Balaner comes complete, ready to use and with the Original Documentation of how to use the balancer/care for the balancer.


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