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Chile ?


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Thanks Gene - coming from you that means a lot as I'm always in awe of your photography.


JF - yeah packed 777 flight ....most had masks...horrid Air Canada food - easy transit in Pearson as Nexus user.
Partner home in Aus and we are both under 14 days self isolation. I work from home anyways and we an essential business tho it is dreadfully slow for clients and for us....just a trickle of business.


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geyser copy.jpg

The headache of riding the north of Chile is the distances between interesting spaces and the challenge of altitude in some of the areas like this geyser field. If Bolvia and Peru are in the trip then yeah - worth while. If not I suspect doing the southern part of Chile and Patagonia makes more sense. But there were still some ADV riders clearly on long trips.
In the major routes tho the roads are superb, as usual with any ride in the remote areas ....mind your fuel.
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MFT ( Micro four thirds ) Lumix Gx1 and Gx7. The Gx1 is tiny and with the 45-175 ( 90-350 equv ) you have a wicked set up - I wear fishing shirts for riding with big pockets. If you are used to full frame think how big a 350 mm zoom is.
He has it in his palm.

Image result for lumix 45-175 in hand

in a under 2 lb rig with the 45-175. Image result for lumix gx1 in hand

If you are chasing wildlife tho you need the reach and the Leica 100-400 ( 200 - 800 mm equiv ) is the jewel in the crown for mft cameras. 2 LB

It's a beast to one hand but what a reach

this 1/2 km
Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at Mar, 26    2020    1.25.21 PM.jpg

the 45-175 is no slouch tho - it's an X series lens designed by Leica for Panasonic.
Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at Mar, 26    2020    1.28.28 PM.jpg

Gx1 are around for cheap
There is a much better 14-42mm ( 28-84 equiv ) lens about that is very compact.
Image result for gx1 with 14-42 MKII

You have a world of lenses available as well.



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