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Chain Adjusting


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I have an 06 Ninja 650R. Bike felt weird and heard this ticking noise when I'm at low RPMs. Checked out my bike the other day, chain was WAY too tight. There was pretty much NO play whatsoever.

Anybody willing to adjust this for me? I know it messes around with your wheel alignment and I'm not ready to take on that kind of task yet. It'll probably take around 20 minutes? I'm in the Scarborough area and I'll be in the Bay/College area for work later tonight.

If anybody can help a fellow rider out, that'd be great!


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Chains usual go slack not tighten. Do you have a kinked link? or maybe your chain adjusters are loose. Best get that fixed asap since running it too tight can ruin a chain in no time.

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+1 for woobie reply. Dont ride it too tight --- will ruin it, or worse, snap it while riding
Dont you have a manual? even if you dont, you could just google how to adjust motorcycle chain, since the process is pretty much the same for all chain drives. Just make sure the notches/marks on both sides are the same and you shouldnt have to worry about alignment. Does your bike have a centrestand? You'll need it on the centrestand to do it. Just remember to check the tension in several different places, as sometimes an old chain can be tight in spots. You can probably even find a good instructional video on youtube. good luck

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