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Anybody dealt with CC Cycle in Belleville? Basically looking for a motorcycle shop for a safety if I decide to buy a bike around the area. thanks. Since I live in Mississauga I don't want to be going back and forth more than necessary. thanks


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don't know C&C

I use Belleville Sport & Lawn
Suzuki and Kawasaki dealer
very good customer service
fair prices
my last 2 safeties were done there


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um :unsure: no.

Stick with Belleville Lawn & Sports, Hadley's has been in the motorcycle trade for decades, I think Ian still works there as a mechanic (y)
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I chatted to a girl from Belleville a few years back now and the first thing she said to me was “I’m from Belleville but I’m not a stripper”.

Carry on.


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yeah we lost the waterfront peeler joint recently

was fun when my young lad was a Junior Bull
visiting teams would come to town and the arena was around the corner from the Cabarete

out of town hockey Mom and Dad with little sis would ask where to go for a bite to eat
we'd send them over to the Cab

welcome to Belleville!

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