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Can we get a RACE sticky?


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The RACE Super Series 2019 Awards Banquet was held on the weekend.

Pro Superbike #1
Elie Daccache

Pro Sportbike #1
Mike Raniowski

Open Sprint #1
Elie Daccache

AM Superbike #1
Jared Walker

AM Sportbike #1
Jared Walker

Heavyweight Sportsman #1
Kyle Blakely

Masters Middleweight #1
Mike Raniowski

Middleweight Sportsman #1
Cindy Bucholtz

Lightweight Twins #1
Cameron Walker

Lightweight Superbike #1
Hans van Sleuwen

Lightweight Sportsman #1
Cameron Walker

Lightweight Production Junior Class #1
Patrick Barnes

Lightweight Production Senior Class #1
Jacob Black

Brian P

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Folks in the lightweight classes ought to have received a survey by email. I just communicated by text with Jacqui about it because they had a typo in my email address, which is now sorted out, and the survey was responded to :)

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