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Butt hurts when sitting on bike after certain period


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............ only thing that comes close to being as universally loved as LD Comfort is an RDL Saddle..........
Yes, with shipping there and back paid about $600 for mine on a group buy and it's worth every penny. It's one of those accessories that people delay purchasing for years and once you finally give in and fork out the bucks you kick yourself for suffering for years needlessly.


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[QUOTE="when the going gets tough the tough get going!


As for the seat ,I've owned three corbins and out of those the only one that I liked was on my 03 z1000.
As others have already said ergonomics play a huge roll here.
I'm gonna try the sleeping foam thing on my current bike and see how it works out.

Mad Mike

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All I can say is soft.

The first custom seat I ever rode on was a Corbin that came as an OE option on my FJR, it's been great. My Wee has a custom Saddleman which if OK, but not as comfortable as the OE seat. I have 5 bikes from the 70s and 80s that have OE seats -- none of them give me grief.

Bikes are not supposed to be as comfy as Lincoln Town Cars - get over it and toughen up!


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Yeah Airhawk tho they are too pricey. I also like the Beadrider. No amount of "toughen up" will solve sciatic pain. :rolleyes:
I have a beadrider as well but never really fell in love with it for the comfort aspect - I find the AirHawk far better. I still carry it everywhere in my saddlebag (along with my rain gear) for riding in the rain - because it separates you from the physical material on the seat (and the beads don't absorb water) I did find it avoided water pooling up between you and the seat, allowing it to run off instead.

Then again, I've ridden in heavy rain without it and my rain gear worked well keeping me dry regardless, so it's probably one of those things I could sell and not really miss much.


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I think I read that you have a gladius.

This guy is selling a corbin. He's in Cornwall but you could make a trip out of it. I bought mine used (also gladius) for 200 bucks 2 years ago and it is a definite improvement.

I was hesitent because of price but looking back, no regrets. Brand new is around 500 USD I think.

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Bicycle padded underwear is great if you want comfort without sacrificing ability to handle the bike on twisties.

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