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Brampton/Mississauga Area

just got back from my solo 3 hour ride in brampton. Practiced smooth cornering on 410 ramps. too much traffic but not too bad


Me and a friend will be going for a ride this evening if anyone wants to come along. She's new to riding so we'll be taking it slow. We live in Mississauga/Brampton near Heartland. PM me if you want in!


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June 11 - Morning Ride
Meet: 403/Dundas Tims
Start: 8-9am Duration: 2-3hrs
Pace will be relaxed and safe for skill levels

PM me. Ride safe
@ dgcx I am up for the ride. Is this happening? I have a cruiser, Kawi Vulcan S

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We ride at a spirited rate. But slow in fast out. Slow on straights no fun goung straight. Lots of good road to be had north west. Send me a pm if you want me to add you too our group.
I'm rider in Mississauga area (around SQ 1) Sent you PM to add me to the group

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