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BNIB Bazzaz Z-AFM Auto mapper


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i have a bran new, sealed in box Bazzaz Z-AFM fuel mapper.

Bazzaz Z-AFM Auto Fuel Mapper

The Bazzaz Z-AFM Auto Fuel Mapper allows the you to quickly build custom fuel maps while riding and on a dyno. Tune for your model, year, exhaust, filter, fuel type, engine wear, modifications, temperature, pressure, humidity. The Z-AFM offers a revolutionary new level of fuel tuning by simply gathering data while riding and then processing the data into a custom-built, race-level fuel map.

  • Includes: O2 sensor, wiring harness and Bazzaz Z-AFM unit
  • Uses oxygen sensor mounted in the exhaust to determine air / fuel ratio (AFR)
  • Retrieve and apply data with a few easy mouse clicks
I had a hard time finding it in Canada..most shops refused to order it for me.
also, i found out that authorized dealers from USA are not allowed to sell Bazzaz products to Canada.


MSRP looks like its $432.22 b ut gets listed for $392.93 on this link.
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