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Bike show!


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As many of you know the International Motorcycle Supershow is just around the corner on January 5-7 2018. Ride for Sight will once again have a booth at the show. Join us to kick-off the 40th Anniversary of the Ride for Sight at the Supershow at 1pm on Saturday January 6! We will be having a High Miler ceremony to honor all those who went the extra mile for RFS in 2017 and raised $1000 or more. There will be coffee and cake as well.

On Friday we'll have a draw on a great tool kit, Saturday there will be a "surprise" draw, and Sunday there will be another draw fro a great tool kit! So no matter which day you visit the show make sure to stop by the Ride for Sight booth and say hello for your chance to win!

Also, Ride for Sight has a new website where you can get all of the latest 40th Anniversary info, register for online fundraising, print a donor sheet or request a donor book. You can find it all at

If you do the Facebook thing you can keep up with all things Ride for Sight at or look up "Joe Rider" on Facebook!

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