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Bike Shop in Milton - "Ace Moto Tech" - Customer Recommendation

I drove my car over an hour from Scarborough to Milton to pickup a new battery, oil filter and oil for my newly purchased 03 CBR. Such a friendly dude, I will definitely ride there for any work that I'll need in the future. Crazy clean shop too, one of the first things I mentioned to him when we spoke.

Well once again I had such a great experience with Adrian... I took my bike in for a oil change plus he adjusted my chain for me :)
Adrian has such great customer service I look forward to doing more business with him. He has even informed me that they do decals :)
So can wait to get one put on my bike... Thanks again Adrian :)
I've brought different bikes to Adrian, so now it's about time I write a review. All my experiences with him are nothing but stellar. Very knowledgeable guy, and very approachable. He makes sure that his time is focused on your bike, and like what a lot of people have said already, he treats your bike as if it's his own.

Like also mentioned, he sends you pictures through text to update you on the status of your bike.

I brought my newly purchased Daytona originally for just a suspension adjustment, but he saw some things that should be given attention. Not to upsell me, but simply for the well-being of my bike. I felt no pressure at all, and he kindly accommodated my bike for additional time (brake fluid drain, fill, and bleed). Here are some pictures:


Only the best oil


And my baby happily sitting on the lift:
Another great visit at Ace Moto Tech today. First time in with my new bike, he had done all the work on my previous ride. Again great customer service, and attention to detail, I could sit and talk for hours with Adrian.

My new bike is a 2104 R1200RT and not only was he able to complete the schedule service, he was also able to hook up to the computer and read the bike and reset the service computer, saving me a trip to the dealership.

Thanks again Adrian.
Man this guy is legit, first bike shop I've come across where I've felt comfortable and not like I was about to get ripped off. Will be bringing in my bike to get the rear tire changed soon
Are any others bike shops/dealership reading this thread????

Guy does what he says he'll do, in the timeframe he says, at the pricing he quotes and gets 14 pages of glowing happy reports. Pay attention some of you other service bays, its not that hard to do the right things.
Adrian is stand up guy - down to Earth, no nonsense, no attitude and definitely knows his stuff. Shop is pristine too!

Totally agree with crankcall.
Funny enough, right after I picked up my bike from Ace, i had to go over to another (somewhat local) moto parts store to drop ~ $400 on few accessories. I was the only one in the store, two dudes working there didn't bother even getting off their stools, young guy had "I'm too cool to deal with you" attitude the whole time... And that store has reputation of being friendly :)

I recommend Ace/Adrian 100%. :thumbup:
It was a pleasure to meet Adrian and his wife today at Ace Moto Tech, very personable, very knowledgeable with all bikes, makes you very comfortable right away, he takes great care when working on your bike, he explains what he does when working on your bike, he offers tips and advise on maintenance and how to keep your two wheeler in tip top shape, he keeps a very clean shop, I will continue to give my patronage to Ace Moto Tech, I hightly recommend Ace Moto Tech.......��
A veteran with Adrian . Again amazing job on the lowering of the R1 man. Im soo pumped up. Definitely made my 1500kms ride sound like a joke after today. Rides amazing. All lowered and suspension adjusted. Sweet sweet job brother.
Just got my bike back from Adrian and I'm so very pleased with this guys workmanship and professionalism. I needed a bike shop close to me because I was sick of going to GP bikes to get charged an arm and a leg for the work... Adrian set my suspension beautifully and also Installed a lot of after market parts on my bike...

He and his wife are such a great team and they even got my new son a gift as a result of just being born a week before... That was definitely one of the best experiences if not the best customer service experience I have ever had...and like the others have mentioned, he knows his stuff and it clearly shows with the passion he puts into your bike....
Highly recommend and I will be going to him exclusively now with all my race bikes ...

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I was very impressed with how clean the shop was and how attentive he was to my needs. No BS from this guy, super honest and has a wealth of talent at what he does...I was so happy to see that he is also no stranger to working on Italian bikes...
Lots of Ducatis in the shop when I was there...
Here is my bike on the stand after he finished the job ....ImageUploadedByTapatalk1438798765.613639.jpg

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Once Again Adrian ROCKS....... :D
Found out when getting oil changed that he also does decals....:D:D
Here is what he did for me .. Was so excited ..
yup, another great review here for Adrian as well. He replaced the front forks on my SV650 and did a safety as well, and was very detailed. Great guy as well!
Wow my first post on the site and turns out to be a comment on Adrian's service.
From calling him for tire prices as a random person, to bringing in my own tires a week later... his attitude did not change. That's something you don't see everyday. Plus he helped me out by staying in touch with me through the day on a SATURDAY!! to let me know if he could fit me into his schedule, which he did obviously.

A great person to deal with and reading all the reviews they all seem to be similar, so clearly this guy is doing something right!
Adrian just successfully reprogrammed and installed my RapidBike quick-shifter.

The bike runs amazing and his attention to detail is pristine .

No more GP bikes for me to do my Ducati service ...
This cat is where it's at

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I notice that his website is down. Is there a new website? Is he still in business?

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