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Bike options for 5f 90lb rider


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It’s very informative, thank you so much. I has just started riding motorcycle, and this will be my very first bike. In addition to lower seat height, which bikes do you recommend in regards to engine, clutch (wet/dry)... for new riders?
My wife is very similar in size and she was going to get a Grom or Z125, but she rode one for the M1exit course at Centennial College and did not like it.

She ended up buying a 2019 Honda CB300R which is a sporty naked bike and only 315 lbs with a full tank of fuel. We did have to get it lowered enough so she can almost flat foot, pricy but worth it. Lowering this bike is reversible.

Many people here will tell you it is not necessary to flat foot, which is true, but as a beginner it is a huge confidence booster.



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TU250 is going to be tall for someone 5' 0". Hopefully, shaving down the seat will bring it within inseam range.
Be careful when buying used, the ones that were used by the training schools may have been dropped over and over and over again.
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This time of year, you've got plenty of time to shop around. Visit some dealers and sit on as many bikes as you can. Visit the motorcycle supershow in January to get most of them in one place.

I would recommend taking a rider training course (M1 exit course). I grew up riding dirt bikes and I still found the RTI M1 exit course to be informative and fun. The one I took had around 10 bikes for the 8 riders that were registered. They had a couple of different standard bikes, a couple of TW200s, some 250cc Cruisers and 2 CBR125s. Even though I already had a bike so I wasn't shopping around, it was still fun to try all of the different bikes. Call around and find a training school that offers small classes and an assortment of bikes.
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