Back to riding ... need feedback please |

Back to riding ... need feedback please


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hello to everyone ... 1st time poster here

was riding for 6 years and took a 2 year hiatus .. now can't wait for the season to begin with a new bike to boot ..

for the question ... I am expecting to be rusty and would like to take a training course come April/May as a refresher. I am looking at these two options :

1. Total Control Intermediate Class - Intermediate Riding Clinic | Sharp Rider Motorcycle Training
2. RTI Technical Class - Advanced rider skills training

both are full day courses and aside from the price difference $400 vs $200, can the good folks here share their advise/review ?

thanks in advance !


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Unfortunately, I don't know your current riding ability, and I haven't taken the specific courses.
I've taken a similar course to RTI from Humber, and have taken the Lee Parks' Total Control 1 & 2.

In general, I'd guess that the Lee Parks' course would push your boundaries further, if you have the technical skills.
The RTI course, would be more in someone's comfort zone, if they can ride.

Depending on you current ability, either or both, could be a good refresher for the coming season.

You should be able to at least, consistently pass the M1X test on your current bike, for either course, to get enough out of them.


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If you're gonna take Total Control, take a race course. If the only thing you took before was one of those licensing school courses, I'd suggest reading Total Control first. Twist of the Wrist is another good book.

I've done both Total Control and Racer5. Total Control isn't useless, but it was designed for those who find a race track too intimidating (it literally says this in the books lol). So if you aren't a little ***** like I was, jump straight to Racer5 or FAST.


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Pretty sure he just want to shake some rust off, not peal away the 3 year old chicken strips. ;)


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I'd recommend focusing on low speed handling skills to shake rust.

I may be be wrong but I thought Total Control had a lot to do with track/high-speed riding.

I haven't done the RTI refresher, but I've done their beginner and advanced courses. It focused on low-speed, technical skills in tight spaces (figure-eights, clovers, slaloms emergency braking).

Any course at all is a positive, whether new or experienced. Good man.

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I may be be wrong but I thought Total Control had a lot to do with track/high-speed riding.
You're trying to drag knee in a parking lot. It's not high speed lol

Racer5 has 125s which are slow as **** and force you to focus on form/technique over speed; if OP is a big guy, his weight will make the 125 lose 25% or more power. Will probably hit 90km/h to 120km/h max on the back straight.


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you can practice in the parking lot yourself. And motojistu master riding program a series of obstacle course in the parking lot. ( you just need some chalk and some small cones). there are 6 belts to practice( white belt , blue belt , brown belt, black belt , coral belt and finally red belt). The white belt will definitely shake the rust off! If you another rider to practice with it would be lots of fun.
The white belt demo . I

Check out his book/manual

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Go here and read up on the Surviving the Streets course. Best $220 I’ve ever spent, and I’ve been riding for over 30 years. You do get track laps, but you don’t have to drain coolant or mod your bike. Top notch instructors.

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