Aug 13 McCowan and Steeles GWS (Edit: RIP) |

Aug 13 McCowan and Steeles GWS (Edit: RIP)


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Doesn't look like speed was a factor. Bike pretty intact.
GWS rider!


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Just saw the update in The Star. RIP


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I'm sad to inform I found out last week who the rider was. He was Brendan McDonnell.

He was a fitness trainer at Goodlife and Lifetime Fitness in Ajax. That's where I met him. He was a big guy built like a tank with a bigger heart. He would be open to giving you advice at the gym and even encouraging you to join in his work outs.

I just found out about this last week when Life Time Fitness put a board up in their foyer inviting patrons to attend a memorial work out for Dec 3. Breaks my heart to find this out. He would always be in a good mood and open to questions and giving advice regarding training.

He leaves behind his wife and 2 children.

Below is a Go Fund Me Page set up for his kids education for anyone wishing to contribute.

Click here to support McDonnell Family organized by Andrew Alleyne

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