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So hubby and I are thinking of heading down to Arkansas this summer for some riding (thinking of staying around Russellville as it seems to be central to some cool roads both to the north and south according to motorcycle ...just curious if anyone here has been and if so, places you recommend as must sees...TIA

P.S...we've been to PA, VT and NC so please don't mention going there instead... :D


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rode through Arkansas last year on my big southern trip
really beautiful area and great, friendly people
can't really recommend anywhere to stay as I was just riding through
but it is certainly on my list of paces to explore a bit more

if you need any bike service, do visit Richards Honda-Yamaha in Little Rock
fantastic people - once they realize you are not a Yankee :)
they saved my azz at 4PM on Saturday, or i'd have parked for 2 days - chain shat the bed


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Been to Eureka Springs twice and if it wasn't 20 hours riding away I'd be there now. Biker friendly, cheap, interesting architecture and a haunted hotel. Some streets are so steep they're like walking on a treadmill. One street had a sign "Check brakes before entering"

Also if out for a ride and hungry the Low Gap cafe outside of Jasper is a good spot. Looks like a dump but the food is A-1. Best prime rib sandwich I've ever had and they're also well known for their Italian servings.

For Civil War followers Pea Ridge Battlefield is a National Park. Nowhere near as interesting as the Gettysburg, Manassas etc parks but a destination for a ride to reflect on the history. If the US government is back to work by then.

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