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My brother is doing a restore on an RD350 and is looking to get some small billet parts anodized.

I have used MidWest Anodizing in Scarborough in the past but it appears they are gone. Does anyone have any recommendations? He lives north of Whites and the 401 in Pickering but I would think anywhere in the GTA would be fine.

I have been trying to get him to join this board but he is a bit of a Luddite. He still has a flip phone... LOL


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There was a place in the west end of Toronto just south of QEW many years ago, they did good work I did not have a lot of material done but the price was still reasonable, sadly I don't think I have contact info any longer, was a decent sized factory but low profile :/ was long enough ago that I would have found them in the printed yellow pages.
I think you can do it yourself too kitchen sink style, but maybe without any control over colour, you can get clear anodize or colour, I went with clear on a bead blasted finish, it worked real good & nothing ever corroded btw.
is magic.


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If you do all the legwork and he gets it finished this month, you should get to ride it in August .

I can’t post a reply to the wanted ad for the rear wheel/hub.

There was a guy on the VRRA forum by the name of Dave who had a good collection of RD parts. He raced RDs and he and his brother also raced sidecar.

I bought a seat off him years ago.

He is located west of Toronto just north of Aberfoyle.

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If you`re okay with a guy doing it as a side business and not an actual store front i may know someone.

PM me and i'll give you the info

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Hollys is ok (toronto), personally I use westech finishes (vaughn), they will do cash jobs if you ask for the shop floor manager.....they do unreal coatings, flawless.

I must have used them for hundreds of parts Ive machined over the years.

Also, consider powder coating or ceramic coating, a personal friend of mine runs a shop called brightside coatings (DVP and EG), I helped build the business, the quality is top notch. Ask for mike, tell him rob sent you.


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Thanks Guys. Great information. I will pass this on to him. Evoex. Sending a PM

I have also used Mike at Brightside for Powder Coating when he was on Brock Street in Whitby and he does do great work

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