Annapolis Valley for those going east - don't miss it. |

Annapolis Valley for those going east - don't miss it.


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Picked up this tip in a motorcycle magazine devoted to touring Nova Scotia. ( great info ).

Bear River area has superb roads ( mag says Must Ride ) and I agree. Make sure to stop at the gallery below - The owner is a hoot and the art is incredible - what a high end gallery is doing out in the middle of nowhere is beyond me.

16 heading to 24 - another lovely day in Annapolis Valley -
It's really not far behind S Ontario in progress of spring - the cherry blossoms are just about done and even on the waterfront in Annapolis Royale it's full foliage for most trees.


Had no idea of the incredible history of AR. Bear River is lovely as well


- amazing gallery and a gifted owner - what an artist!!!!
The Flight of Fancy :: Bear River, Nova Scotia Art and Crafts

We are based out of the Kentville area and that's a great anchor to visit the various areas.

Especially to anyone heading out early in the year this is the area to concentrate on as it's 5-10 degrees higher than even Cape Breton.

Cranky Pete

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I hear really good things about Annapolis Royal and Wolfville. I'd like to buy a little place out there...a vacation home/future retirement place. I freelance, so I could spend a couple of months there every year while I'm still working. Think I'll ride out and take a peek next Spring...


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Annapolis Royale is terrific
but I'd tend to go inland to Bear River - prices are less and it's warmer.

Annapolis Royale there was a "decent" waterfront house for $174,000 - not as nice as the Bear River by comparison which was 20 km inland and 70k less. You are welcome to email Sandra at Silver Shoe for some local insight and a nice place to stay. - Let me know I'd like to ride the Mcycle down but not sure when I can bust more time loose.
They moved for the better climate and are about 5 km out of Kentville

$107,000 for a lovely little house in Bear River. The valley is very sheltered.


Homes for Sale in Bear River, Nova Scotia $107,000


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GF and I were chatting today how much we liked Wolfville and house prices very affordable plus a sophisticated little downtown. 4k population and 3k students would be very good for my type of business and the prices were right. Under $200k for a renovated bungalow on a good chunk of land. .....sweet.

Josh P

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I went to Acadia so I lived in Wolfville for four years. Love the east coast and there are some incredible sights. If you're headed through the valley go check out the look off and get some lobster fresh off the boat in Halls Harbour.


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Yeah we hit Hall's but way too touristy now - had a seafood chowder for $9 that was criminal ripoff.
The lobster others had looked good but with lobster at $5.75 a pound up the road the prices at Hall's were ridiculous.
They would not even serve tap water with a meal - if you wanted water you had to buy a bottle.
I ripped them up on TripAdvisor and noticed a few people read the review.
They won't even put the prices on the menu online.

It is so tourist rip off left a bad taste.

There were some incredible food places tho.

BOTH of these were superb gastropubs

1. Paddy's Brewpub & Rosie's Restaurant
Categories: Nightlife, Gastropubs
4.0 star rating
3 reviews
460 Main Street
Wolfville, NS B4P 1E2
(902) 542-0059

2. The Port Pub
Categories: Gastropubs, Breweries
4.0 star rating
6 reviews
980 Terry's Creek Rd
Kings, NS B0P 1T0
(902) 542-5555

Wow. Fantastic. Our table of 9 shared a number of appetizers, including potato skins and calamari. While the skins were quite good, the calamari took the crown. Possibly the best I've ever had.

with the Ports just flat out exceptional.

Lunenburg was neat and colourful but very touristy.


Mahone Bay was a lovely drive with some decent twisties in the area but generally just a good interesting cruise.

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Cape Breton should not be missed but be warned about temperature changes. It goes from Carolinian moderate temps in the sheltered valley to tree line near arctic high up in the headlands and exposed areas.... will post up some pics of that.


You can see the line of vegetation - above that is lichen yet turn the corner into the valley and you have lush almost full summer vegetation.

Saw a few bikes and think Cape Breton best left to mid summer. Fantastic loop tho and many parts the road has been improved especially the top of the island.
But the road - sigh - I REALLY want to do this loop on the bike.




and on the other side a climb up a small mountain that is superb on a bike. Saw some squirrels on SS going up and down it and having a ball. :D

You climb up from this bridge

To where the shot was taken from in a short few KM with lots of twists and sweepers....and then keep going up.


To once more near tundra conditions with stunted trees..
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Josh P

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Been a while since I've been there so that's too bad it's gone downhill. It used to be a bunch of picnic tables, lobster and not much of menu. Paddy's is great but I haven't been back since the fire a few years ago. Another good snack is the scott skins at Joes juse down the street from Paddy's. Thinking about the places to go and your pics are making me wanna go back soon.

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