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2024 KTM Adventure Rally: July 4-6


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The 6th Annual KTM Adventure Rally is heading to Calabogie, Ontario July 4-6th, 2024. This marks the inaugural occurrence of the event in Ontario. Calabogie, in the expansive Madawaska region is celebrated for its richly varied terrain that’s perfect for Adventure riding and putting your motorcycle and navigational skills to the test. This locale is a haven for powersports enthusiasts, offering a perfect backdrop for off-road and on-road motorcycling, snowmobiling, ATV adventures, and aquatic pursuits. The 2024 KTM CANADA ADVENTURE RALLY is exclusively open to riders with Adventure Motorcycles 600CC and up (including KTM 390 Adventure and KTM rally editions)

1 Rally

Calabogie is a gateway to adventure and will draw Adventure Riders to converge at KTM Adventure Rally basecamp at Calabogie Peaks Resort. The resort is situated alongside a serene lake, at the base of Calabogie Peaks ski hill, and serves as a central hub with convenient access points to various exhilarating riding routes. Riding will take place over two days. In 2024 we will not be tracking your mileage like in years past. There will be exciting navigational challenges including checkpoints that will need to be reached throughout the 2 days with your team members.

2 Days

Designed for enthusiastic adventure motorcycle riders, two curated routes will include tree-lined logging roads, mud holes and rocky hill climbs, as well as special features which are sure to make any adventure rider smile ear-to-ear. You’ll experience the great Canadian north in its purest form. You’ll arrive at Calabogie Peaks Resort hungry and for invigorated at the end of each day of adventure riding ready to share your stories.

140 riders

Riders of all varying levels will be in their element, however, specific routes are designed to suit different abilities. At the end of each day prizes, parties, food, and fun await back at the Calabogie Peaks Resort Base Camp.

Routes in the link above.

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