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2020 west and central canada



Is there anyone interested in going and help planning a trip out west ( west of Ontario)
If so we can set up a time and meet to discuss it???
Thank you.
Can be anytime between June and August 2020
oh and any ideas please post up as I dont have a clue right now.. thanks


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2020 is a long way away when there's plenty of good riding left this season. Any particular reason you want to go West or central canada? Just curious.


Well I'm trying to get to all the provencies of Canada.
Everything east of Ontario has been done.
From Fermont to Cartwright
Right across Newfoundland Argentia to Port aux Basque
Nova Scotia
New Brunswick.
Central Quebec and.north up to James Bay
Northern Ontario up to Windigo Lake

Some of the above was done on motorcycle some with a Tacoma and some was with a dodge diesel.

Now it's time to plan for west and 2021 NW territory and Alaska.

I'm just hoping I will get some company with me.

Well one thing I have learned is it's never to easily to start planning for these typs of trips.

Thank you for asking.
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west of Thunder Bay to Calgary is best seen from 35,000 ft
fly the bike and get a window seat :)

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