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2019 tour on my new Goldwing


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So a one day tour?

101 has a decent number of cops. I've done Ville Marie to Rouyn-Noranda to Val D'or to Dorval on a sled but never on the road. TCan over algonquin is super boring.

Depending on the time of year, keep wipes in your pocket to clean off your mask, you may not be able to see through the bugs.


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looks great
how many days you thinking?

seeing that you are skipping the Mt Tremblant area
I'd recommend a stop there

its really nice, and cheaps acoms in the summer
crossing the border at Hawkesbury then QC #327 to Tremblant is a nice route
would make a relaxed and fun first day
~600 km, 7-8 hours depending on stops and the ferry

and #7 all the way to Ottawa ain't much fun
rest looks great.......QC101 from Rouyn down to Temiskiming is really nice


edit: or just ignore this, I see you're going the other direction :)


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update...will be several days...leisurely pace...several family stops along the way

the final hwy 7 stretch is from my sons place in Kanata with a stop in Madoc


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You could go up the west side of Algonquin and stop at "Screaming Heads".And just outside of Ottawa is the "Deifenbunker".


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One of my fav routes up through Rouyn Noranda ....just be careful through the park coming south on the Trans-Canada ...not much in the way of fuel.

Al;so mind your hydration....had a nasty experience last time. It was cool and sunny and had no idea I was so dehydrated ( it was 9 when I left Rouyn ).

Lovely vistas tho



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Several days? On a Goldwing? This is a one day trip, 2 if you want to stop and take a few pictures! ;) I'd do it and still be home to sleep in my own bed.

But, if you really want to stop and smell the roses and visit family it looks like a fun route with some great scenery. Enjoy!


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... TCan over algonquin is super boring. -..
x1000. Would not do again.

Heading more directly from Lindsay to North Bay, up the west side of Algonquin would provide more scenic options, but cut down on your route. Perhaps Lindsay to Barry's Bay, then westward through Algonquin and onto North Bay would preserve most of the route mileage/time, while cutting out the boring TCan.

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