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2019 Ontario GTA Photo Tag


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Umm what is that on the back of your bike?? Never seen a box like that before :unsure::unsure::unsure:
Just a pelican case ^^;
Turns out pretty much trying to add a off the shelf top case for this generation is quite hard and near impossible =/ so I decided that it would be much easier if I just diy my own.
Ended up buying a spare pillion seat, a pelican case and bolting it together with some 3d prints in the middle :)


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Quick side note for all you Gelato/ice cream lovers...

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I saw that and got very excited, until I saw it was only one day. Too many people, all high on sugar!

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Old: Brice's Furniture
20287 Woodbine av, Queensville,
(I was charging 15 minutes away from here so I couldn't not grab this on the way home)

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Joe Bass

*probably eating right now*
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Can somebody tell me why I can't see @lildevilx 's pics?

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