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2019 CSBK schedule released


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The 2019 Mopar CSBK National Schedule
Round 1Shannonville Motorsport Park, ON. – Pro TrackMay 17 - 19
Round 2Grand Bend Motorplex, Lake Huron, ON. – TechnicalJune 7 - 9
Round 3Autodrome St-Eustache, Montreal, QC.June 21 - 23
Round 4Atlantic Motorsport Park, Halifax, N.S.July 18 - 21
Round 5Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, ON.August 9 - 11



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I have no idea why it wasn't on the calendar previously, it's a great facility.


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Because you get to ride on the "special bus", just like in public school :)
Do you get to ride the little bus on the track for the warm up lap?

Rob Star

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The thing about bogie is, its a good track day/ club racing facility, but not so much for big sporting events. theres only one little spot on the entire circuit you can actually SEE the riders as a spectator, the rest is thru a forest with no grand stands anywhere. Im not sure if bogie used to do something for the fans in that respect in the past when CSBK was there before, but thats my thoughts on it.

None the less, flawless amazing circuit.

Brian P

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Calabogie is also dangerous under racing conditions on modern superbikes. On a track day, you can (and should) back off a smidge in the dangerous spots - like corner one- and/or most people aren't going fast enough for it to be a problem. That's not how racing works. It's not really a problem on the lightweight bikes (e.g. on my FZR400, corner one is a gentle left kink).

Great track-day track when ridden with a dose of sensibility.


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Im not sure exactly what they mean for bogie. Are vrra and lwt both going to be support classes?
CSBK AM lightweight class will be racing for points at VRRA's Calabogie round.

From what I understand, VRRA is also offering a non points paying modern lightweight class in their friday endurance race.


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Doesn’t seem to be fair for the little bikes have to fork out for another round.

So much for cheaper racing...

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