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2018 Ontario GTA Photo Tag


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That's a real quality photo!! But based off of that shot, I have no idea how far the road is from that Boardwalk. Also I'm pretty sh!tty at the Google-Fu-investigating
Thanks! I went back this morning and took another photo without the off-roading. It's decidedly less picturesque, but 100 percent asphalt.



Joe Bass

*probably eating right now*
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"poison" pier lol
Some ladies I've met there were toxic so I guess it's fitting!

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That looks out of bounds to me... Post apocalypse North Carolina, I feel, is a tad too far from the GTA.....

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It’s north...but not carolina .

Might have to make a run for that one if the rain holds off tomorrow.

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Old: Caledon Brickworks/Cheltenham Brickworks, 14380 Mississauga Road, Caledon

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With the snow falling outside, seems as good a time as any for an update:

69 sburns
36 anterabae
26 Robbo
22 Geeser
15 Evon
15 Mango Rider
12 7inthe6
8 Evoex
8 chadsterq
8 jeff96
7 Jayell
6 Fz750 Rider
3 davephoto
2 alekomotto
2 Joe Bass
2 Balrog
1 IssaPrince
1 Jet On Rails
1 Aens
1 zoo
1 EastYork3
1 nfq
247 Total

Welcome davephoto and nfq!


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Thank you @Geeser for your time invested in tracking the tag count. We all appreciate your efforts.

Well done to all who played.

Congrats to @sburns for accumulating the most tags this season.

Special mention to @anterabae for proving you can kick *** on an electric bike.

Cheers, Robbo

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Yes thanks @Geeser for running this.

Fun tagging with all of you shouts out to @Robbo @anterabae @Mango Rider and all players.
Good tags and interesting places and themes!

Enjoy the break it's on next year!


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Thanks everyone. This was the perfect excuse to go for all kinds of random rides. I can't wait for it to start up again!

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