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1980 Honda CB750 - Project bike


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so i spent 3 years looking for her finally got it and just dont have the time.
She needs some work..and by some i mean quite a bit.... i bought it a couple months ago with the intent of getting her running then a full tear down, powdercoat the frame and then building it up as a cafe build but havent got the time...shes just been sitting in my friends garage...which is why im listing it.
so far all i know about the bike is:
- throttle missing (i would replace the throttle tube, housing and cables...you can get them about $20 used.
- start/kill switch wiring appears to be working but unit is apart, may be able to get it back together...may need to just replace the unit, i dont know.
- signals unit is apart and hanging, also i dont think there are any signals on the bike
-carbs will need a good cleaning and rebuild
-bike sat in a barn for 13 years and most likely with the fuel in it thats in it now...so the tank needs a good cleaning and i would personally replace the fuel lines.
- tank seems to be in excellent condition with a small dint in it but no rust on the inside that i can see.
- motor seems to not be locked up, but there is oil running out the left exhaust pipe, from what ive been told it use to be common for guys to over fill motors with oil for storage so they dont seize up...im guessing that this is what happened or the rings on the piston are worn would be my next guess.
- I HAVE VALID OWNERSHIP IN MY NAME and keys that turn the ignition so they are the right ones!- listed as unfit obviously

i have a new oil filter and spark plugs for it.
if it doesnt sell ill get round to ordering some parts and getting her running but i dont see that happening this year.
here is the list of what i was planning on replacing to just eliminate what could be the issues (and no i havent even tried to turn it over, it has no battery)

the list of what i was going to start with ordering just to give you an idea of my thought process of what it may need :
Carb rebuilt kit $52 http://4into1.com/carburetor-rebuild-complete-kit-honda-cb750c-cb750k-cb750l-1979-1982/
Ignition coil caps and wires - $59 - http://4into1.com/ignition-coils-caps-and-wire-honda-cb750-900-1000-1100f/
Starter solenoid $12 http://4into1.com/80s-hondas-starter-solenoid-with-fuse-wire/
Starter rebuild kit (really the staarter may be perfectly fine...but maybe it not so for $66 bucks...whatever toss it in the cart, rebuild it and know its good.) $66 http://4into1.com/arrowhead-starter-motor-rebuild-kit-smu9138/

and maybe piston rings $19 each 4x http://4into1.com/npr-brand-oem-piston-ring-set-standard-13011-425-004-honda-cb750-1979-1983/

the rings i would decide after i get the oil drained, carbs cleaned and try to fire her up... they may be fine but i dont know...so really other than a throttle she shouldnt need much to get running. great project bike.

just looking to get my money back...$1200

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