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18 Year old CBR 125 insurance


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If his so dead set on a bike, let the guy. Least his reasonable enough to get a 125. (Hopefully you won't be those people that gets bored of it before the end of next season and want to upgrade to a 600/liter bike)

Just remember, gear up be safe, your insurance will slowly come down :)


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Insurance seems a little high, obviously worth calling around. When I was your age and looking at a CBR125 the insurance was in the $1800 range. However that was also going back a few years now.

On the debate of just get a car: the only argument I have for starting with a car besides being able to get around in the winter is learning the rules of the road. Basic bike skills + knowledge of traffic laws should be second nature before you start hoping on the road and having to deal with drivers (especially up there in Brampton).

I’d argue the running costs on a CBR 125 are going to be much less than a car. Insurance is going to be brutal for a car at that age and in Brampton. CBR’s are bulletproof, have a million DIY guides, and parts are cheap/plentiful. A beater car is going to have a much higher running cost. Your insurance will also drop once you get a year under your belt. Mine went down by over 40% my second year.


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No definitely not, next bike I get will be 300 or around that. I definitely think the cost of the cbr will out weight the costs of a car. First I got it for $950 I did all the work on it myself and gas is $15 a tank. Sure insurance will be high but I know I'm going to get bum rushed the first year of riding anyways so I just have to take it for a year. Also I don't have space to work on a car but working on a bike I can still do with 2 cars in the garage. I already have gloves and a helmet and I'm going to get riding pants and a jacket when I get insured. I'm all about the safety as well I'm really strict about the amount and type of armour in my gear.. like a level 3 back plate


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Wear multiple layers in cold,
those dry chemical pads that make heat are nice for inside the back of your mitts.

omg tics are bad right now.


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I had my 125 for a summer now (07 too)

- Paying about $200/mo, 22 years old living downtown.
- Gas was more like $6 or so a tank at shell with v-power fuel for me.
- Did all the work myself on it at Moto Revere (really great bike for that)
- Anything over 80kmh felt like I was pushing her (I'm 6'1 153lbs). Can do 90kmh flat reliably. If I tuck and pin it I might get to 110. If the wind is on my side and I am downhill maybe 120-130... Though its a tiny bike so not something I would like to do on it.

Overall a solid bike in my opinion. Your insurance sounds about right compared to my experience at least. I am with Dalton / Echelon as well.

Not to revive a dead thread... But I did this exact thing last spring.


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kudos to the bike and commitment, plus starting right.

However like many have said, motorcycling in Canada is not cheaper than car, not in the long run. Started riding 5 years or so ago thinking the same, I've spent 5x more on bikes than I have on the car, and I do my own service. From oil changes, chains, moving up cc's, insurance, gear, and tires, things cost. I have no regrets, even after crashing. However if I was to make a financial decision properly, I would go back in time, have paid my student loans, started investments, and savings, then got into biking in my later twenties-early 30's, paying less. I calculated, and could have than all that+more, factoring in money spent on tours, training, M exit etc... Yes time is short and do things now, however time also flies, esp when young, so I wish I was more patient. All my friends did all the above, while I got into bikes, and well, all I have now is bikes.


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I'm with Desjardins and if you ride a 50cc scooter, they classify it as a moped and I used to pay $11 a month with an M2. And, this scooter rips, it's a 2 stroke.


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Both my Kymco and Aprilia are $11 a month. The Kymco is for sale. Running a scooter for the month including gas is about a third of the cost of a Presto pass.


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I'm 18 years old with a M2 license and i also did the safety course to obtain my M2. I have a 2007 cbr 125 and i was quoted by dalton timmis for 250 a month, is that expected what im going to pay or dose anyone think i can get cheaper? If there is anyone who is my age with my bike who could let me know also that'd be great.
I'd call riders plus, they quote a new rider with 2 years experience if you have completed a safety course but id still expect to be around 2 grand.


I got a cb300r as my first bike (at age 32 though) and payed around 115 a month. (fresh m2) I recently got my g2 as well and inquired around for insurance on some 2000's era toyota sedans (good car for me to buy I thought) and could not find insurance for lower than 350$ a month. So the idea that car insurance is cheaper than motorcycle is completely false in ontario if you are new to driving both vehicles. The CB300r is basically a perfect first bike I would recommend you get a quote for that and compare to the 125.


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You're crazy if you think you can be safe on the highway with a 125. You will have 0 passing power, wind will blow you around like a rag doll and enjoy the tingling in your hands from holding rev limiter ahaha. 80km/h is probably the sweet spot for commuting. Also when checking for insurance theres no point getting comprehensive or collision if the value is really low. (Some may think i'm stupid for saying this but its a 1k bike) You will probably save $500 a year with basic coverage.

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"Highway riding" = "so what". I have a 200+ horsepower bike that is licensed for the road, and it has been on a motorway exactly twice in something like 11,000 km, and one of those was accidental because I made a wrong turn. Highway riding = not fun. How well something functions on a straight boring road is not one of my selection criteria.

I also have a cbr125, and it gets ridden more than any of the others!

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I have a couple of small bikes and they are a hoot to ride. A CBR125 can run at 130 with a 200lb rider, it will run happily at 120. It's not the most comfortable on the 4xx highways, but not frightening either. Running 50km across the GTA on the 401 is easy, running to Montreal would be a bit of a challenge.

Outside the 4xx highways, we have a max speed of 80kmh, a CBR125 will go all day at 100 without complaining. I used to ride my 250 Ninja on 600km day trips with riders on 600-1800cc bikes, never had trouble keeping up. Contrary to what the naysayers will tell you, they are not blown and sucked all over the road, they track just fine -- I get more blown around on my Vstrom, a tall big profile bike.

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