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100kms/per 3 L - anyone have a bike getting this fuel economy or better?


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So far I'm averaging 4.8L/100km on a '14 Honda VFR800. And that's just normal commuting, meaning I'm not trying to get super good mileage, between Guelph and Elmira. I'm sure if I kept better track of my right wrist and my speed down I could do much better.


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My cbr300r is consistent with 3l/100km... Ill go 300km before gas light comes on and it will take 9L to fill.


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I get a dismal 320 km for 19 litres. So thats about 6.5/100 km. Im on a 750cc sport tourer.


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So i gave it a try and rode my Yamaha R3 17' for about 70KM with a mixture of Highway and City and was averaging between 3L-3.5L going around 100-120KM per hour which leads me to believe that if I were doing 80KM the whole way, I'd be getting lower then 3L, possibly 2.5L and as far as the Tank + reserve, I'd 100% be able to get around 400KM using 91.

The real question is how long are you willing to ride that slow in exchange for an extra cup of coffee per day? :p


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Was getting about 3.5/100km with my CM250c. Not sure what I'm getting now since I put a Nighthawk head on it.


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IIRC someone posted earlier today that their NC750 is 3.1 L/100. That's probably as good as it gets for a motor that big. I would think most of the <250cc bikes should be close to that number.
/waves. i average 3.1/100 with hard riding. If i take it easy it has hit 2.5/100


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From my current and past Fuel.ly stats:

CBR250RA: 3.5L/100km avg
CBR650FA: 4.5L/100km avg
Car (2006 Accord V6 coupe): 10.2L/100km avg

Best tank on the 250 was 2.9L/100km on the 2.5 years I had it. Granted it spent most of the time close to redline (I wasn't aiming for best fuel economy on it). Best tank on the 650 since I got it was 3.4L/100km.


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OP, are you shopping for a bike with good mileage, or are you asking out of curiosity?

Fuelly.com is where I go to compare typical mileage of different cars and bikes.

It's surprising to me that the CBR 500 gets similar mileage to the CBR 250.

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My Yamaha bolt ( r spec ) on average does about 5 / 100 km (942 air cooled vtwin) for the most part; usually pretty spirited driving....

my pu truck on the other hand is about 12-13 / 100 km and loves diesel #2. 6.6 litres of fun

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