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  • Hey, heard from a friend that you're the guy to talk to if I need parts for an R6. I have a 2007. Just had my first highside (calabogie). Pretty bruised up but I want to get my bike back together quick so I can get back on the track. The big parts I need are: tank, front fairing stay, subframe, possibly a rad. Let me know if you have any of these or can get your hands on them. Thanks a lot.

    Hey Bryan
    Just woundered if you you had a shifter side stock rear set around for my 2000 R6 friggin low side!!! let me know if you have one you can bring it to this weekend soar and i'll grab it from you there.
    hey man, sorry forgot to include in my last message also wanted to know if you have a full exhaust system you may be selling? and i do have a bunch of assorted stock plastics mine was the yellow 50th anniversary edition..
    i need the left controls and a clutch lever and a lift side frame slider if you have them let me know thanks
    im looking for right side rider foot rest PEG do you have any? please let me know okie it for my 07 r6 yamaha, i think the older model would fit too.

    Thank you
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