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    CBD cream

    I doubt it, its been legal 2yrs now. Fears are overblown. Only issues I've seen (in articles or news pieces) are admitting to use prior to that.
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    CBD cream

    If you're heading to a Brick and Mortar store here is the official map for Ontario. Green is licensed to open, Grey is a proposed future store.
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    Assistance needed with motorcycle purchase & timing

    Insurance policies are for a whole year , regardless of when you start one. Some pay lump sum, some 12mo payments, some you pay just summer months (with full yr coverage) it doesn't matter. Your just picking your renewal date. It doesn't save money to delay insuring. Once you buy a bike...
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    Did you sell a R1 with a blue windscreen?

    " They say it had been sold without having been re-registered with the Ministry of Transportation. "
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    '82 Seca 650... keep or sell?

    XJBikes - Yamaha XJ Motorcycle Forum is still an on going forum and they know everything about 'em. Hit them up before you try to start it up/sell it They helped getting my '82 XJ750 SECA running when I started riding.
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    TV shows currently watching

    I second "Dark", it's awesome. Thanks for the charts.
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    Triggering Traffic Lights

    -Stop on line -Stop and put kickstand down on line. -Make right hand turn and then when safe make a u-turn if possible. -Contact municipality & have them dial up sensitivity of sensor.
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    JFK's Message To Canada

    Here is a nice little tool I like to refer too. Media Bias Chart
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    WTF is going on with Motorcycle deaths?

    I've also been to see it during doors open. They make medical isotopes. You can just see the building from Cootes Dr. Its behind the new building behind the big round brick library.
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    Fatal Dog Attack..

    I feel bad for untrained/neglected dogs. I find there are more untrained little dogs cause people just pick up and go when they misbehave but they aren't always paying attention to them to do that. My guy isn't perfect, his recall is terrible when he sets his sniffer to something, and he's...
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    308 km/h on the QEW

    Yes I have, and the QEW out that way (which I'm also familiar with) has plenty of straight away for that car to do it.
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    Post up your liquor/spirit talk 👍

    Mmmm Dillions unfiltered Gin and Fever Tree Elder flower tonic. 🤤 My other go to Gins are Seaweed Gin from The Newfoundland Distillery & The Collective Arts Rhubarb & Hibiscus Gin
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    308 km/h on the QEW

    At 10pm on a Saturday Night right now with so little traffic, I'm not surprised at all.
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    Motorcycle Camping Tents

    Any 2-3 person tent that can stand on its own w/o pegs. Sometimes there is no trees (hammock), ground is to hard to stake down. Make sure you have an easily accessible headlamp for setting it up in the dark. Practice setting it up before you leave.
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    Hardly shameless & cowardly. They assigned it an official name as they do when a new virus is discovered and identified, they've done this for a while. We don't call H1N1 North America Flu, and the Spanish Flu wasn't Spanish. Virus's don't give f*** where its from. Medical community experts...

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