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    Motorcycle Chase (in Europe somewhere)

    Hope I am posting in the right spot, however, there was a video posted here years ago 2005 or so 'before the purge 'showing a chase through the streets of a European city ( not a police chase) some guy following another. At the end a glove is exchanged and buddy rides off. Can someone tell me...
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    First Gen KLR 650 CARB and Gas Tank

    Looking for a carb and decent fuel tank to complete a first gen 650KLR project. Looked in the FS section and Kijiji and Craigs list. Nothing. Let me know if you got one or both. Prefer blue and white tank.
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    VIN# Validation (RC8)

    I want to say a big thanks to RC8 on this site who validated the vins on two bikes I just bought. Did it in short order for FREE and gave me some useful tips too. Thanks RC8
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    1995 CBR 900 RR Nose Cowl (Upper Fairing)

    Hi I am looking for an upper fairing for my 1995 CBR RR 900. If you got one let me know. I have included a pic of the fairing and the bike I need it for.
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    Flash Rust Prevention After Rust Removal

    Just finished soaking my gas tank with Vinegar and now it nice and clean. The problem is: Once I flush it how can I prevent the flash rust which I know will happen. I am thinking aerosol fogging oil or just WD 40 or something I can find locally. Important, I won’t be installing the tank for...
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    W/B 1995 CBR 900RR Headlight Cowl

    Looking to purchase a complete upper headlight cowl for a 1995 CBR 900. Prefer yellow and Purple but will consider all. Email me at Thanks
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    Lost Quebec Ownership

    Looking at purchasing an old bagger from the 90s but the current owner had it registered in Montreal (Quebec ) and lost the ownership. Now purchasing from his son. How hard would it be get back a Quebec ownership in order to have it registered here in Ontario. Thanks for your help
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    1987 Suzuki Intruder 1400

    I am looking at purchasing this bike this weekend. Here is the description I got of what is needed. Can someone advise if this is as simple as stated or will it be a major and costly Re and Re. I know this is really a sport bike forum, but I would really appreciate a response.. The work...
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    1987 Suzukie Intruder 750 Main Fuse Location

    Need some help. I was helping my friend kid boost his 1987 suzuki Intruder VS 750 when the cables got crossed. Now the bike is dead. No lights, nothing. Called around and some people are saying the main fuse which says 30 amp blew. Cannot find the location of the main fuse. Traced the...
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    Rider Down Hwy 7 & Hwy 50
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    Another Rider Down: Pulse 24 at 2.30 PM

    Police are on the scene of a motorcylce accident on Keele Street south of Highway 9. The accident occured around 2 p.m. Police have located one victim and are searching for another they believe may have been thrown from the bike. No word on injuries. Sorry if this is a repost
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    Rider Down Again

    Serious crash Pulse 24 at 3PM A serious crash between a motorcycle and a vehicle has left the driver of the bike without vital signs. Emergency crews are at the scene and the victim will be transported to hospital via the ORNGE helicopter

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