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    New tires for new season 2020 - options, supplier, installer

    I do my own, have a bead breaker and spoons and use the magic beads for balancing
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    Art Robbins

    Art The Dart, RIP
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    Upper Big Chute Loop - closed for construction

    I rode it a few weeks ago, it was all good
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    Barrie Area

    Welcome, Im in Innisfil and ride Muskoka and Haliburton areas
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    Similar to a Honda CB1100

    1999 to 2005 Kawasaki ZRX
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    Mid-life crisis bike?

    Welcome, nice bike, but Im a little biased
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    Good cleaner

    Varsol works great, and cheap to buy
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    10 collectible motorcycles to watch

    1999 to 2005 Kawasaki ZRX, all ready some what of a collector bike
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    Post up PICS of members bikes?

    new bike last year
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    BNIB Gas tank storage

    Store it inside and you wont have a rust issue. But you could coat the inside of the tank with some oil for extra protection
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    Motorcycle Safety Certificate Checklist (Ontario)?

    Make sure everything on your bike is working, lights, brake lamp, turn signals, horn. check that the brake pads are not worn out and tires are in good shape and not on the wear bars. Thats basically it
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    Motorcycle Camping Tents

    I use a cheap CT/Walmart 3 person tent, it packs down small enough to bungee across my seat
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    Feeler Gauges?? Which type????

    Does the manual say you can stack shims ? I have never heard of stacking shims
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    Do you fit the stereotype for your bike?

    62 year old auto mechanic, have been a gear head my hold life, love old school hot rods, muscle cars and bikes that have been on the top of my list, have two kaws, a ZRX and a Concours14
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    Muffler packing material

    If your looking to repack your baffle on the cheap, use stainless steel wool, but the proper material is cheap FMF SILENCER PACKING 10589: Automotive

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