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    Just placed my first order from FortNine.... new rear tire, rear rotor and rear pads. I hope there are no issues and all goes as planned. Let me know what type of experiance you have had good or bad when ordering from them. Ride Safe and Cheers !!
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    Rate Reduction ?

    I have had my motorcycle license for over 20 years. But had not ridden in 19 years. I just started riding again 1 year ago and my insurance is coming due very soon. Will I receive a rate reduction on policy with 1 year clean driving?
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    Male motorcyclist in critical condition

    Male motorcyclist in critical condition after collision in Golden Mile neighbourhoodA male motorcyclist is being rushed to a hospital trauma centre in life-threatening condition following a crash in Scarborough’s Golden Mile neighbourhood. Toronto Paramedics said they were called to the corner...
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    Beauty Day for a Ride - up to Bancroft through Algonquin, Minden and home...

    Had a awesome trip, today went solo. Left at 6am.... Little cool out plus fog first thing. Nice bright morning once the clock hit 7am. Seen a moose in Algonquin down in the swamp which I was great full for and not at the trying to cross the road. I seen a group of riders parked near Dorset at a...
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    Woman Critically Injured crash near Diunsford

    Woman critically injured in motorcycle crash near DunsfordPeterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV) Mark Giunta August 24, 2016 12:05 am A Trent Lakes woman is in a Toronto hospital after a motorcycle collision near Dunsford on Wednesday evening. It happened around 6:30, on County Road 36. OPp...
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    Rider Rushed to Hospital

    GWS Rider. Ride safer everyone. Motorcyclist rushed to hospital following accident in Cannington'He must have flew six or seven feet in the air,' said one witness at the scene Cannington motorcycle accident nextplay/pausepre1/2 Brock CitizenBy Scott Howard BROCK TWP. -- A motorcyclist...
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    New member Razor17

    Awesome website been following for some time. Have not rode for many years. Have put on 6300 km so far this year. Cheers!! Ride safe everyone!

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